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Obituary for Catherine L. Harris-Golden

Catherine Louise Harris was born to Isabelle Miller of South Carolina and Louis Talmadge Harris on August 2, 1926 in Pittsburgh, PA, who was the second oldest of eight siblings.
Catherine’s strongest childhood influence was her grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Harris of North Carolina, a missionary who had previously studied home economics.
After graduating high school, Catherine studied home economics for her teaching degree from Cheyney State Teachers College, Cheychey, PA and Drexel University in Philadelphia. Catherine went back to Pittsburgh, working as a teaching substitute. It was not easy, teacher’s pay there was low.
Christmas of 1962, Catherine and her daughter Jewel were invited by two of her sisters, Martha and Mildred to New York. 27 days later after the New Year, Catherine and Jewel moved to Brooklyn. Catherine had gotten a job teaching full time, home economics with the Board of Education.
Catherine got into the swing of New York working two jobs and continuing her education with a masters from Long Island University. Then continued her studies in education.
In 1970, Catherine found her family of true comrades at New UT retch High School in Brooklyn until retirement. Which didn’t mean a thing. Passed students, who were now parents and grandparents continued to visit “Mama Goldie’s” home regularly “school was never out”.
Catherine continued to embrace, console encourage, and mentor. Catherine was on a mission to continue the “good” work, to help those to have a better understanding of life. Catherine read incessantly, loved to travel, loved eating sweets and baking good sweets to die for.
Catherine was married to Robert C. Golden of Pittsburgh in 1955. The marriage did not survive, but their friendship and love for each other was long lasting.
Catherine H. Golden is survived by her only daughter, Jewel Estoar Ester, her BFF Kenneth Calcagini, her three sisters, Martha Baker, Brooklyn, Maryann Johnson, North Carolina, Delores White, Pittsburgh, her 1st cousin Avery Barber and Family, North Carolina and many nieces and nephews.